Comb "One day"

Comb "One day", natural pearl and Swarovski.
Used materials : pearl, Swarovski crystal.
The comb is working with the trimming technique. Different cabochons natural pearl shaped drops are surrounded by braid ribbons in two shades, white and silver. On the bottom of the larger drop is a raised metal flower of a natural Swarovski crystal flower. All round pearls are pearly gray pearl at Swarovski.
The comb is in silver and imitation leather lining pearly end.

Length : 6.5 cm (counting the teeth of the comb).
Width : 4.9 cm at the widest.
Weigh t: 6 grams (without packaging).

This comb can adorn a hairstyle or a bridal bun.

Handwork, craft creative needlework.

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