costume jewelry created with an ancient embroidery technique

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Laurettaperl is a jewelry designer, original documents and or unique. All jewelry offered on the site are devised and made by designer.
The workshop is located in the south in Provence, Vedène, a few kilometers from Avignon.

You will find on the site a wide range of creations.

The crimp semi-precious stones is made on delicats (glass beads in exactly the same diameter, purchased gram). The costume jewelry finishes are silver 925, gold filled, gold plated or silver. Some creations play with different materials such as lace, faux leather, suede

Many clients have also made custom unique pieces from semi-precious stones, sometimes old family of parts.

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Des bijoux originaux

Des bijoux peuvent également être réalisés avec la technique de « broderie au fil d’or » grâce à un fil spécial de métal nommé Cannetille. 

Cette technique ancienne peut être modernisée comme sur cette broche « Scarab » en 3D.


The technique used is is a Native American technique of embroidery needle handmade. Each piece requires a few hours to a few days (sometimes some weeks) of work.

The workshop is located in the south of France at 10 km from Avignon.

The fine jewelry using semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystal, Bohemian, pearlescent agents.

You can meet the designer in the studio or at exhibitions.

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 Prompt and accurate shipment. This necklace is a wonder! Thank you for the gift, it's very nice.
Really happy with my order, very fast delivery. Note 5 stars.

Collier received quickly Superb! Light and perfectly adaptable size. 

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