Flower El Mar ring

Silver plated "Fleur El Mar" ring, semi-precious stone.
Materials used : semi-precious stone, silver plated, Swarovski crystal. 

Handcrafted ring handmade by me with Native American embroidery technique.
In the center, different cabochons. One in Tibetan Turquoise and 4 in more or less turquoise howlite.
For the center it is an 8mm Swarovski crystal color "Erinite shimmer".
The glass beads are silver plated for the setting. The artisanal support is very worked on the level of the ring and in silver plated on adjustable brass. 

The lining is in gray suede. 

Width : approx.3.5 cm.
Weight : 11 grs.

 It is best not to wash your hands with it. Handcrafted work in pearl embroidery.

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