Earings "Wedding"

Earrings "Wedding" natural pearl, Swarovski crystal.
Used materials : pearl, crystal Swarovski and Bohemia.
Embroidered earrings with glass beads miyuki pearly to the crimp of pearl cabochons teardrop.
The scenery is on the right and left of the ear lobe is made with Swarovski pearl shades of different diameters and Bohemian crystal and galvanized miyuki and pearly drops.
The fringe is a set of Swarovski silver and Bohemian crystal pearl to finish with a drop in Swarovski pearl.
The lining is ultra-suede cream and studs is in silver 925.

Length : about 6.5 mm.
Width : 2 mm at the widest.
Weight : 10g (without packaging).

These loops can also be fabricated on a clip.
Handwork, craft creative needlework.

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