Necklace "One day"

Necklace "One day", natural pearl and Swarovski crystal

Materials used : pearl and Swarovski crystal.

This necklace is worked with both techniques, with the first Amerindian crimp around the Swarovski crystal cabochon, and the second with the work at hand trimmings around the natural mother of pearl cabochon.
For the first the crimp is realized with galvanized small glass beads and all around are Swarovski nacres different color sizes "cream".
For the second work of trimming is made with two ribbons of white and silver braid. Nacre swarovski allow the formation of arabesques.
The pendant is made with a gradation of Swarovski crystal beads crystal and silver color finish with a drop of pearl topped with a flower cap silver plated.
The choker is a Swarovski pearl degraded.
The clasp and its control chain are silver 925.
The lining is ultra-suede for a soft touch on the skin.

Neck : Cclassique (38-40 cm) with 4.5 cm adjusting chain.
Weight : 18 grams (without packaging).

Handcrafted handmade embroidered beads and trimmings.