Handcrafted jewelry
  • Texane cuff bracelet

    "TEXANE" cuff bracelet, mother of pearl, Swarovski, silver plated.
    Materials used : Swarovski, mother-of-pearl.

  • Bracelet Croco lagon

    "Croco Lagon" cuff bracelet, semi-precious stone, silver plated.
    Materials used : coral fossilized, imitation leather crocodile.

  • Bracelet "Hors du temps"

    "Hors du Temps" cuff bracelet, mother of pearl, Swarovski, metal.
    Materials used: amonite, mother of pearl, Swarovski.

  • Bracelet Fusion

    "Fusion" cuff bracelet, mother of pearl, Swarovski, leather.
    Materials used : glass, mother-of-pearl, Swarovski, leather.

  • Cuff "Blue Tiger"

    Cuff Bracelet 'Tiger blue"Swarovski, semi-precious stone.
    Materials used : semi-precious stones, Swarovski, metal prints.

  • Bracelet Anis

    Bracelet "Anis" Jasper and glass beads.
    Materials used : semi-precious stone, glass and braid.

  • Bracelet Subtil

    Bracelet "Subtle" silver and Swarovski crystal.
    Materials used : 925 millemes and Swarovski crystal.

  • Bohemian Bracelet

    Bracelet Bohemian. Bohemian crystal, swarovski crystal.
    Materials used: braid, crystal.

  • Simply coral bracelet

    Bracelet "Simply coral." Coral and gold plated.
    Materials used : free-form coral.

  • Simply strap white agate

    Bracelet « Tout simplement ». Semi-precious stone and silver plated.
    Materials used : semi-precious stone.

  • cuff bracelet palladium mania

    Cuff "Palladium mania" in semi-precious stone and crystal swarovski.
    Materials used : Semi-precious stone, crystal.

  • Bracelet fossil flower

    Strap embroidered with the needle set with pearl fossilized coral, navy blue suede, swarovski crystal.
    Materials used : Coral, Crystal

  • Bracelet Tribal

    Tribal Cuff in Yellow agate and beadstud embroidered needlework on faux leather. Brass support.
    Materials used : Crystal, Stone gems.

  • Cuff Tilapia

    Cuff named Tilapia and real rabbit and turquoise freeform.
    Materials used : Leather, Stone gems.

  • Bracelet le nacré

    Bracelet the "pearly" Working trimmings, Bohemian crystal and Swarovski, mounted on silver plated. Materials used : Shell, Silver Plated

  • Satin Bracelet

    Strap embroidered with the needle with small glass bead. At a center Swarovski Crystal 14mm Rivoli appointed.

  • Cuff Hawaii

    Hawaii embroidered cuff on a brass holder with cabochon calisson magnesite, natural pearl.
    Materials used : pearl, gem stone 

  • Cuff Serpentine

    Bracelet black and gray serpentine cuff embroidered needlework glass pearl and crystal
    Materials used : Swarovski Crystal, Leather

  • Bracelet new romantic

    Bracelet, single piece, "New Romantic" embroidery needle, work passementure.
    Materials used : Swarovski crystal, stone gems.