New Technique : La Cannetille

Discovered some time ago the needle used for embroidery. This will give another dimension to some pieces !!

A New Partner ...

I am very happy and proud to announce that last week I was contacted by "Marriage and Savoir Faire" which is the 1st site of grouping of marriage providers "Made in France".
I thank those responsible for selecting me and trusting me.
I would also like to address to all my very pretty brides who have already trusted me and who for some have entrusted me with photos of the most beautiful day of their lives a Grand Merci.
It is also thanks to them that I am there ...
I only have one wish now is that there are many others ... know that a bride wears one of my creations is always a very special feeling for an eternal romantic like me ...

New colors SWAROVSKI

And now many beautiful colors to work ...
Dark red color, Royal Blue or Ivory cream are some of the innovations for 2017 swarovski.
ongoing preparation for among others the living Nimagine 2016.

At work !!!!!!

little getaway

Need a little recharge my batteries for two days while I was in Lake Savine. sublime place for a night in a small hotel called Les Chaumettes.
Here are some pictures but to see more leadership here:

Work can resume ...

Nimagine 2016 ... It is started

Here, here ... happy to learn that I was selected this year to participate in the beautiful lounge "Nimagine 2016" from November 5 to 13.
Well at work, at work to finish preparing the exhibitions Summer and future shows year-end and I do not have you all ...... unveiled Still other beautiful things to come ...
Stay connected !!!!

Of Color, The Color of ...

Always want to color ....
Ongoing work in colorful trimmings !!!!!

New: A Custom Brand!

Finally, finally I'm happy !!!!!
And yes it may seem very silly to be enraptured by the charms but not any charms as they are my artist name and it was a long time I dreamed ....
They arrived early this week.
At work !!!!

A Superb Biennale !!!

And that's a packed weekend that just ended as with every Biennale in Forcalquier beautiful things to see.
The occasion also to catch up with colleagues after 2 years and have some fine bursts of laughter !!!
Meeting new people and decision-appointment for a visit to the workshop, while the positive that re-energized to continue the adventure.

A New Technique ... Embroidery Cut

Learn again and again brings innovation and create new, so to start the season I show you an embroidery technique in relief that I tames lately.
It will allow me to work differently and to combine this new technology to all those I already know and that you find on my jewelry and accessories.
Come and discover it !!!

And The Winner Of Competition From Valentine's Day Is ....

As promised here are the results of the competition on the occasion of Valentine's Day ....
I want to thank all those who lent themselves to the game.

After a draw in my pirate hat,

the winner is Mr Pierre Marguier ...


Free Valentine's Day contest

It's Valentine's Day today, so on this occasion I organize a contest to win a gift :

a pretty brooch worth 46 euros.

The game is free, no shipping costs for participants.

This jewel combines two techniques worked on my creations (Indian embroidery and trimmings). This pin can be worn in two ways: either a small hat as you can see in the photo, or on a lapel. For its data sheet gives you details of the raw materials used is here.

To participate, it is very simple, here are some conditions for participation :
-liker the Facebook page Laurettaperl
-share publication Facebook Contest
-Leave a little comment in the Facebook publication  of Laurettaperl called "I participate".
TO ENTER, it is here:

Please note, you have a week, the contest ends Saturday, February 20 at midnight. Participation in the game will not be valid if the three conditions of participation have not been met.

Contest results will be recorded next Sunday before the end of the day, both on the blog and on my Facebook page Laurettaperl. I will contact the winner later by private message on Facebook. Feel free to participate, and I have one thing to tell you, your mouse!

A small pin for a click !!!

Good luck and happy Valentine's Day to all !!!


Des pièces uniques pour le mariage de

There are a few times I showed you the beginning of a creation in progress for a future marriage.
So here, the latter having taken place on 9 January, as promised, I present my creations made to measure for a beautiful bride named Mary.
Working on a hair comb suitable for her hair, the loop pair and matching bracelet.
Everything was done with a needle in beadwork with beautiful materials like mother of pearl, Swarovski crystal, bohemian crystal, the natural mother for the bracelet as well as prints; all in the colors silver, cream and natural crystal.
I thank Mary and her mother known to visit an exhibition for making me complete confidence in creating these handcrafted jewelry for a special time of their lives.

... Marie And Cédric

Do you speak english?

The site Laurettaperl boutique merchant becomes bilingual (English-French).

Thank you for making it known to your friends abroad ....

Recent Arrivals Preparation ....

Receipts of the last supplies as the braid or Swarovski crystals in beautiful colors ... All to create new products for the season 2016 ...See you soon ...

From season ....

New 2016 Season Is Launched

A preview, here is a first replenishment of semi-precious stones to the achievement of the future collection of spring / summer… Blue tiger eye, abalone, yellow jade, blue pearl, shell leopard frosted rock crystal, jasper indonesia (java island ..), canadian jade etc etc OUH……this dream ... ..vite faster than the rest comes for me to begin.

End Of Christmas Markets For This Year

And here's the Christmas fair Chateaurenard is finished ... As every year it was full of quality artisans, either mouth or crafts.
I found happiness with former clients and met new ones.
We were very happy with my husband also have a great time with our fellow craftsmen in a beautiful Christmas atmosphere, despite the events of recent weeks.
Although it felt a little strange surrounded exposed to a big security service such as the police, the municipal police and the regular security service, well everyone sported a wide smile and a TOP ...
Now we have to keep client orders for Laurettaperl is found under the tree and then make my supply orders to prepare the collection of spring -summer ... I hope I'll find beautiful things !!!!

2 Days In ... Christmas Market

Here, here December 4 fast approaching ...... Come meet me at the Christmas market in Chateaurenard for 3 days that is to say the 4-5 and 6 December for your Christmas whether to or culinary arts ... .a nice selection of artisans to make you happy for the holidays ... soon ...

In order Custom Wedding

While preparing for my next show to be held on December 6 and 4-5 on Chateaurenard, I work on a good command for a future wedding ... .I can show you a little piece of the 3 creations for during which the following photo ...
The rest will be after marriage ... ;-) .. Professional secrecy obliges !!!!!

Nimagine : A Premature End

There are just 8 days, we pack up our pits prematurely lounge Nimagine ... .A week after ... still sad to have to say goodbye to all colleagues with whom we have spent good times and especially a date which will engraved forever ...
But I intend not to stop there and I intend to give you appointment next year ..

Laurette go to work for other shows ...;-) ..Noël approach ... No ... ?????

Nimagine, It's started since Saturday !

And go for 9 days on Nimes ...... Here are some pictures of my finished stand ... We expect all clients now ....
There are thousands of things to see so feel free to come take a stroll ....

new ribbons

Super, super ... that the new ribbon in my name for the realization of the bracelet around my range "small satin"

Soon the photo of the finished bracelet !!!!!!

In preparation Nimagine

Here, here Nimagine almost here ...

Final preparations are underway and that's how my pins will be highlighted with lovely individual brackets for each like that no jealous !!!!!!!

In Préparation Nimagine

Currently I'm in the middle of the living room Nimagine preparations. You can find the dates and times by enlarging the image or by clicking on the link of the show.

I now restore my stock crystal earrings Swarovski crystal and Bohemian pieces sold on my last show in Plaisance du Touch