Ring Natural

Silver-plated "La Naturelle" ring, semi-precious stone.
Materials used: semi-precious stone, silver plated and Swarovski crystal.

Artisan ring handmade by me with the technique of embroidery Amerindienne.
In the center is a frosted Agate cabochon in the form of a drop. On the top a Swarovski "silver night" cabochon and above three 10x8mm Howlite cabochons.
At the bottom (on the left in the picture) a Swarovski crystal in "Silver night" and two small crystal kittens.
The set is set with palladium plated beads.
The artisanal support is very worked at the level of the ring and in silver plated on adjustable brass.
The lining is made of gray suede.

Width: about 3.5 cm.
Length: about 5 cm.
Weight: 18 grs.

It is best not to wash your hands with.

Handmade craftsmanship in embroidery of pearls.