Elephanteau necklace

Swarovski "ELEPHANTEAU" necklace, semi-precious.
Materials used: Swarovski and semi-precious. 

Handcrafted necklace handmade by me. 

Native American embroidery work composed of a large drop in Peruvian aquamarine.
On top is a small elephant in Sodalite from Ontario. At the bottom of the drop a “light Sapphire Shimmer” cabochon from Swarovski set with galvanized glass beads and surrounded by “denim” Swarovski crystals, “light blue” bohemian crystals as well as small silver galvanized drops in miyuki.
The tassel is composed of a round sodalite bead, a blue gorgonian and a Swarovski spinning top.
The clasp and its chain are in silver plated steel Lining in light gray suede. 

Length : 38 cm (from the clasp to the last spinning top, reaches chest level).
Width : approx. 5-6 cm at the widest point of the central embroidery.
Weight : 40 grs without packaging. 

Handcrafted craftsmanship.

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