Cuff Tilapia

Cuff named Tilapia and real rabbit and turquoise freeform.
Materials used: leather, gem stone.

The bracelet is embroidered with tilapia (fish skin tanned) bright beige, naturally tanned and dyed by hand in Brazil.
Eco-friendly warranty and chrome.
In the center a true freeform turquoise set with small glass beads. ultra-suede lining on an adjustable bracket brass.

Wrist size 16 cm but adjustable.
width : 2.5 cm.
Weight : 33 grams without packaging.


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Earrings Tilapia

Black "Tilapia" earrings, Swarovski crystal, semi-precious.
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Earrings clip TILAPIA

Boucles nommées Tilapia, en tilapia véritable, magnésite, cristal Swarovski monté sur clips plaqué argent.
Matériaux utilisés : cristal Swarovski, cuir.