Brooch "Feuille"

Brooch "Feuille" Swarovski crystal, soutache.
Materials used : semi-precious stone, soutache, crystal.

Brooch embroidered with needle made with the technique of passementerie.
In the center is a 27mm black and silver Czech glass knob worked with black braid. On the side the round is realized with a round bead of 6 mm Czech matte silver color and above a washer in hematite.
On the bottom the first rod is a Swarovski crystal "silver night" of 6 mm worked with silver / black metallic braid and its top of 3mm Swarovski crystal / silver.
The second is made with a flat faceted quartz eye bead of Madagascar cat of 8x10mm and its braid matte gray and silver / black metallic with an olive in hematite.

Secure pin clasp. Black leather lining.

Length : about 5.5.
Width : about 4 cm wide.
Weight : 11 grs (without packaging).

Creation artisanale. Handmade embroidery.

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