Brooch "Mini's printemps"

Pin "Mini's Spring" Swarovski crystal, soutache.
Materials used : silk button, soutache, crystal. 

Brooch embroidered with the needle made with the technique of trimmings and Amerienne. 

In the center a button made by me with a beautiful silk fabric and flowers set with galvanized glass beads. On the 3 sides are realizations reminiscent of flowers and leaves. The first is a flower made with mother-of-pearl and rose gold with a pink crystal kitten in the center. The 2 leaves are made with silver soutache and pink pearls from Swarovski. To finish the 3rd pattern is made with a Swarovski sewing cabochon in "crystal Iridescent green" and its silvery buggles. All worked on imitation pearl leather. 

Secure pin clasp. Lining in ultra light suede suede. 

Length : about 5 cm.
Width : about 5 cm.
Weight: 7.5 grs (without packaging).

Artisanal creation. Handmade work in embroidery. Possibility by its size to put on a hat.