Bracelet "Pimientos"

Bracelet «PIMIENTOS» Coral, bohemian crystal, gold plated
Materials used: coral and bohemian crystal.

Handmade bracelet made by hand.
Work in embroidery Native American made with in the center a "freeform" coral set with glass beads "metal purple gold iris".
It is surrounded by a lace-blue rhinestone chain and the finish of the lining is adorned with bohemian coral matt crystal. It is connected to the right and left to a gold print and a bronze button embroidered in the same way. The whole is connected by gold-plated rings.
A large gold-plated clasp of 15 mm allows to close the whole.
The lining is in ultra black suede.

Length: 20,5 cm with possibility to add rings on request (without supplement).
Width: about 4 cm at the widest of the central embroidery.
Weight: 34 grs without packaging.

Handmade craftsmanship.

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