Texane cuff bracelet

Bracelet "TEXANE", Mother-of-pearl, Swarovski, silver-plated.
Materials used : Swarovski, mother-of-pearl.

Handmade bracelet handmade by me.

Native Amerindian embroidery work on brass support covered with blue suedine.
In the center is a large print of about 4.2 cm inlaid with an opal blue Swarovski crystal.
The set is embroidered and surrounded with filigree beads and Swarovski mother of pearl of 3mm.
The embroidery beads have a pearly appearance.
On the sides of natural mother-of-pearl embroidered with galvanized beads and decorated with Swarovski mother of pearl and filigree beads.
The whole is worked on blue suedine.
The lining is in light blue suede.

Length : Wrist adjustable with light pressure 16,5cm approx.
Width : about 5.5 cm at the widest of the embroidery.
Weigh t: 62.4 grs without packaging.
Handmade craftsmanship.

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