Brooch "Jolie Goutte"

Brooch "Jolie Goutte" Swarovski crystal, calcite.
Materials used: soutache, Swarovski crystal and semi-precious stone.

Needle-embroidered brooch made with Amerindian technique of crimping and passementerie with the soutache.
The main drop-shaped cabochon is a pale yellow calcite set with glassy miyuki in shades of golden green. All the rest of the brooch is then worked with green olivine and old gold. The rounding on the left side of the image is formed with filigreed bronze beads and an old gold pearl of the preciosa brand. On the right it finds enclosed in the ribbon of soutache both preciosa pearls of different dimensions but also a very beautiful square in swarovski crystal of yellow color.
The pendulum is a succession of gold preciosa, crystal olivine Swarovski, bronze cap and crystal gold drop (celestial crystal).
The secured spindle clasp is placed along the length. Ultra suede lining olivine green.

Weight : 12 grs (without packaging).
Length : about 8 cm with the drop.
Width : about 3.4 cm wide.
Creation artisanale. Handmade embroidery.