Brooch "L'éveil"

Brooch "the awakening", Swarovski crystal, fossil.
Materials used: Swarovski crystal, fossil and natural mother-of-pearl.

Needle-embroidered brooch made with Amerindian crimp technique.
The main cabochon is an ammonite of about 3 cm set with miyuki pearl glass. On the bottom is first a Swarovski crystal cabochon in smoke topaz color and 3 beautiful natural mother-of-pearl in the shape of diamond set also with the same pearl glass pearls. On the right side to the picture of Swarovski mother-of-pearl three different tones and three dimensions. The olive-shaped pearls are natural mother-of-pearl.
The secured spindle clasp is laid horizontally. Ultra suede camel lining.

Weight : 20 grs (without packaging).
Length : about 6 cm.
Width : about 4 cm wide.
Creation artisanale. Handmade embroidery.